Student Athlete of the Month

I have had the pleasure of working with Qijia for the last two years as her coach on the Christian Combined Figure Skating Team. During my time as her coach, I have seen Qijia grow and become a very valuable asset to our team.

This past season the team voted and chose Qijia to be our team captain. As captain she had a number of responsibilities which she performed exceptionally well by taking charge and leading with confidence. Qijia worked diligently to make sure that everyone on the team knew when to be at competitions, what they needed to bring, and assisted me as a coach in planning accordingly to help orchestrate the success of the team. Every practice and competition Qijia would run our warm ups with energy and enthusiasm, bringing a light to the rest of our skaters. Along with helping out with the logistics of the team, Qijia helped bring an entertainment aspect by organizing a number of fun events for the team. Our Christmas party, secret Santa exchange, and pizza parties were all well thought out and planned by her to help our skaters bond and develop better relationships both on and off the ice.


Qijia’s accomplishments only begin with her leadership skills. Her athletic abilities improve from year to year and this season she made me very proud.

Placing 2nd in jumps and 2nd in spins during the High Schools district competition with the team, she also went above and beyond by competing at the High School State Championships as an individual skater. Competing at the Intermediate Excel level. Where she took 4th place moving her on to the National High School Finals held in Brighton Michigan where she took 5th place.


Never missing a practice or being late, always cheering her teammates on to victory, and inspiring others with her ability to handle multiple tasks including athletics and academics, Qijia truly out shines many who try to do it all. Finishing the season with 71 varsity points, I would like to recommend her for a varsity letter.



Head coach of Christian Combine FS team, Oksana Senitskaya